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Welcome to the site!  Since its brand new, all updates are as of Wednesday--September 20, 2006 and range involving this year.
9/20/2006 - 10 days since I last updated, its been WAY too long!  Okay, first off, this season's Dancing With The Stars premiere was the biggest ever, 20 million!  Tucker Carlson ended up being eliminated week one and just earlier tonight, Shanna Moakler.  I wish them the best of luck.  But Willa was in the bottom two both times!  This can't be, she is truly one of the best celebrity dancers, if not, the best!  She's been doing great when it comes to the judges.  I congratulate Willa and Maxsim for all their hard work and success on the show!  Keep voting people, dont' stop, use all your phone votes, cell, house, etc.  Go online and register non stop with different e-mail addresses and vote!  Willa truly deserves to win this competition.  She has been receiving great publicity from the show and just recently did photoshoots for In Touch and Life & Style, but no word on which issue it is and when it will be released.  Just yesterday morning, she did tons and tons of radio promotions and interviews.  Did you get a listen?  I hope you enjoy the site.  By the way, congrats to the Nastified forum, as they are now the official Willa Ford message board.  Go to her official site, www.WillaFordInc.com its updated with more stuff.  Keep voting because more exposure, more success = new music coming soon!  Yes Willa said she is getting back in music in a new interview.  I'll post it in the articles section.  Anyway God bless all of.  Also, WillaFord.org is back up and running with a new message board, which will have a section for Willa to write to the fans and so forth.  If you are not a member, become a member of both Nastified, the WillaFord.org message board, The Willa Ford Community, and so forth.  Btw to all deeply affected by terror acts that occured on September 11, 2001, and now five years later, God bless you through this rough time.  I wish you the best and please speak, express yourself don't repress yourself, because in the end, you don't want to regreat anything.  Trust me, lol.  Btw I also suggest you listen to Coast To Coast AM, the #1 radio talk show in the country and #1 late night radio talk show in the country!  Congrats C2C and congrats Art Bell with your new marriage and move, as well as to Ramona Bell, along with George Noory and Ian Punnit.  Also God bless to Lucas Rossi and all the contestants and everyone on Rockstar: Supernova, as well as Brooke with her upcoming baby girl, and her children!  God bless all of ya and I hope you have a great week, the weekend is coming up soon, and I'm looking so forward to it.  Love yas! 
9/10/2006 - Get ready, Dancing With The Stars III starts on Tuesday.  Get ready to vote, Willa truly deserves and she is such a perfectionist, you know she will give it her all!  Also, be sure to check Extra who is doing a segment on Dancing With The Stars before the show starts.  I also suggest you check out other shows who will probably cover it as well, such as The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E! ,and so forth.  I also suggest checking them out Monday, 9/11, it may be brought.  By the way Willa is getting so much publicity for this.  There are ads in tons of magazines, make sure to check them out.  I got one in a TV Guide magazine I get delivered.  Thanks for Princess for posting this at Nastified.  Here is an example:
Also here is her outlook on ABC's official site for the show. 
Willa Ford
Willa Ford


Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Singing sensation and self-professed "bad girl of pop." Professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who teamed up with Tia Carrere last season, will be her professional dance partner.
By the way the official site is www.dancing.abc.com
Please vote for Willa and Max!  They truly deserve to win! 
9/1/2006 - Willa is Whistle Register! Willa ford hits G#6 in the whistle register in "Ooh Ooh". She sings these notes in melisma: F6, G#6, G6, G#6, G6, F6.  Credit goes to Myke at Wikipedia. 
8/31/2006 - Willa's official website is redone and now up, but its a different link.  Check it out, its the best its ever been!  www.WillaFordInc.com Also check out www.myspace.com/WillaFordInc its Willa's new official myspace, thanks Kelly/KelC for putting it up.
8/23/2006 - The Dancing With The Stars crew will be filming extra footage for the show with Willa today, specifically at Vegas.  Also watch the UFC on pay-per-view, as Willa will be their with Kelly and Max rooting for Chuck!
8/29/2006 - Willa's 8/14 or 8/15 interview, right after Dancing With The Stars was announced, is now up on Munchie's section on Kiss957.com.  Make sure to listen, its great.  Also new interviews with other artists are on their which you may enjoy! www.kiss957.com/cc-common/podcast/single_podcast.html?podcast=MUNCHIE.xml
Btw Munchie is just great!
8/22/2006 - Beauitful Dancing With The Stars promo pics:
8/19/2006 - Photos from Willa at Paris Hilton's album release party are in a zip file thanks to Xtina at Nastified! http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=download&ufid=E1CE938E103638C1 You can also check em out at Wire Image!
8/15/2006 - Thanks nimue at LD for informing me, she moved from #7 to #2 on Yahoo Buzz's Top Movers!  This is great, she is the #2 most searched person or subject matter on yahoo!  Congrats.  Also, she is receiving great publicity for the show!
8/14/2006 - Did you watch GMA?  Did you basically watch E!, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, and so forth, or at least view the advertisements?  Well in case you haven't, WIlla is going to be featured on the next season, season three, of ABC's super smash hit reality series "Dancing With The Stars!"  It starts with a two-hour premiere at 8pm eastern time on ABC on Tuesday September 12, 2006.  Willa is paired up the amazingly talented dancer, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  They are and will be a great pair!  Prepare to vote, also looked out a lot of ads for the show which will feature them.
8/12/2006 - In a new article with Chuck Liddell and with Willa brought up throughout a good portion of it, a line insinuates that Willa will be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars!  I hope so and I'm so excited, I looked it up and on Monday GMA (Good Morning America) will announce the lineup.  Make sure to watch!  http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/sports/homepage/article_1240156.php
8/8/2006 - Willa has the rights to her Sexy Sex Obsessive material, but nothing that was already recorded, meaning she'll have to re-record the material in order to release it. KelC stated on Nastified that, "Anyways, it's very important that we take any clips off of this website and also if you know anything about getting it off of myspace music then she asked me to help her do that too. That is a bad demo version and I can assure you it's not nearly as good as the original. Anyways, that version belongs to the record company and she could get in trouble for it being out on the internet . . . Ok, on to better stuff. Her website is officially in the works. We aren't sure if she is going to get willaford.com so it may be a little different of a url. I saw the mock-up of the front page of the site today and it looks great. She has a great company working on it for her. I think you will all be very excited. Anyways, I'll keep you posted on when we have that up and running and then we will, of course, have to spread the word.

Also, I will have the big announcement sometime next week on her next project. It's huge! She is already hard at work on it. Get excited! Laughing"  So be on the look for some exciting and surprising WIlla news!
6/28/2006 - The funeral service for Willa's grandfather was held today. KelC described it as being, "a very nice service with a lot of friends and family to support them, especially her grandmother."  Keep Praying!
6/24/2006 - R.I.P. Grandaddy Williford.  Earlier today at 2:00 am Willa's grandfather, who she stayed souly at his side on the past two weeks and throughout the year when he was in the hospital, has passed away.  She was asleep holding his hand, along with her Mom and SisterThis is very sad, as she was close to him.  Pray for him, Willa's family, and also Willa.  You can send me your wishes to Willa, her family, grandmother,  and grandfather and/or post it on the Nastified forum under a special dedicated thread. http://nastified.fr-bb.com/index.htm 
6/13 & 14/2006 - Congrats Willa, exactly one year with PCD!  God bless!
5/30/2006 - Willa is featured in the current weekly edition of The Vegas Minute, make sure to take a second and watch it.  Its towards the end.  http://us.video.aol.com/video.index.adp?mode=1&pmmsid=1653498&referer=http%3A//aolsearch.aol.com/aol/video
5/27/2006 - Willa will be at UFC 60 which will be shown on pay-per-view.  Also obviously look out for Chuck Liddell, along with David Spade, Paul Walker, Wilmer Valderama, Cindy Crawford, and The Rock.
5/19/2006 - At Body English in Las Vegas Willa will host and star in her fashion show with the Love Jones Lingerie fashio line!
5/3/2006 - Willa and her Pussycat Doll friends from Vegas are featured on the AOL main menu, make sure to look!
5/2/2006 - Willa is featured in Stuff's May issue complement "101 Sexiest Online Women," she highly beats the few "peers" of hers which are featured and ranks in at a super sexy #48!

. . . theres only one . . . WILLA FORD!
From Willa's FHM 2005 Calendar as the Cover Girl for the cover & June.

Here I might put a picture I took of this band in concert.

*The Willa Ford Lingerie Fashion Show/Love Jones Lingerie Fashion Show: In very late May 2006, there was a fashion show Willa hosted and starred in, with the Love Jones Lingerie fashion lines.  Some of the models appear to be posing in dance positions from the Summer staple "I Wanan Be Bad," a signature hit of Willa's.  A good portion of sites and articles call it The Willa Ford Lingerie Fashio Show, leading us to believe she participated in creating the designs, coming up with ideas, how to walk down the run way, etc.  Check out some of the following sites for pictures:
Xania's Hot Spots

May 18-24

By Xania Woodman 

Thursday, May 18

Rainbow Bar & Grill: Strip LV issue party with cover girl Monique Alexander, Playboy TV's Stefani Morgan and Sponge live.

Friday, May 19

Body English: Willa Ford hosts and stars in a Love Jones Lingerie fashion show with a performance by the Darling Stilettos.

Empire Ballroom: Faarsheed's ballroom marathon set, DJ Dru in the Gallery where ladies drink free, and Kaskade and Keith Evan on the patio.

Ice: DJs Hyperfunk and Flave.

Jet: Kelly Monaco's birthday bash.

Krave: Below the Belt Underwear Party explains the town's sudden tighty-whitey shortage.

Pure: DJ AM with MySpace DJ Spider at the MySpace.com party, with the hottest Vegas MySpace girls.

Red Hookah Lounge: DJs Tawny, Wes, Michael Toast, Shawna V, Jessie Saunders and Cottrell spin deep house, trance, progressive and lounge from 10 p.m. till dawn.

Tangerine: Real World Key West's Janelle.

Willa Ford
*Calvin Ayre's Wild Card Poker: In mid-April this reality show premiered, which featured an overall 50 internet qualifiers, professional poker players, and celebrities go at for five weeks before the six and final episode of each winner.  Willa was always seen at the party, but her main episode, which premiered in early May (5/6/06), show her at the round table.  She made a friend out of Jennifer Tilly on the show and had a great time, very entertaining. 
Willa Ford: The Bad Girl of Poker?

Self-proclaimed "Bad Girl of Pop" a hit at the Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker Tournament

As the lone singer/songwriter competing at the Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker tournament, Willa Ford came to Costa Rica somewhat unfamiliar with the life and style of the poker pro.

So what did the Bad Girl of Pop learn?

"I don't think I ever came to the realization that poker players - those who do it for a living - they don't stop playing," Ford explained. "We got off the airplane, and it was like '100 bucks says that my luggage comes up first.' At dinner, it was '200 bucks that the waitress has on something red.' It was insane. But hey, more power to them. I mean, if they're that focused on something like I am music, go for it."

To her credit, Ford never felt overwhelmed or awestruck by her gambling tablemates while playing poker for a shot at $500,000. She used a mix of unpredictability and have-fun attitude to lighten the spirits of the fourth episode of the Fox Sportsnet series. At a table which included reality-TV maven Rob Mariano, actress and poker pro Jennifer Tilly, and 2004 WSOP runner-up David Williams, Ford was surprisingly effective early.

"Clearly, I had no strategy," Ford joked after being eliminated by Williams. "Seriously though, my only thing was that I did not want to go out first. So I wasn't really here to necessarily win it - I was more here to just not make a fool of myself."

Ford attained one of her goals - Mariano was the first player eliminated from the fourth table after ending up on the wrong side of Williams, who flat-out dominated the competition. He eliminated a tournament-record six players en route to capturing the table prize of $50,000 and a seat in the final episode, which airs on May 20 at 11 p.m. on Fox Sportsnet.

"When I started seeing David taking everybody out, and the chips were going, I started having to go to the bathroom," Ford said. "And I didn't know how long we were going to break, and I had nothing left [chip-wise], so I figured I might as well put it all in."

That move spelled the end of Ford's brief, albeit energetic, run in the preliminary round of the Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker tournament.

"If I play again, I'd probably be more aggressive and bluff a lot," Ford joked. "Next time, though, I should go to the bathroom before we start, eat before we start, and make sure the bar has liquor."

Her carefree demeanor was on display throughout the week, as the stunning beauty seemed to thoroughly enjoy the various adventures contestants were treated to while in Costa Rica. Having recently promoted the Bodog.net Lingerie Bowl III as the quarterback for the Dallas Desire and after posing in the March edition of Playboy, Ford was ready for the opportunity to kick back and relax.

"I'm having a good time, I mean, we're in Costa Rica - I can't complain," she explained. "We've been laying by the pool, and the [Bodog.net] Compound is so cool, and we've met a lot of cool friends, and that's what matters."

Big Spread, Appearance, and Interview in the March 2006 "Sex and Music" Issue of Playboy: A daring move, and one she declined several times.  Anyway she tought the time was right and I'm sure the pay was a one of the largest amounts they've given to a celebrity to pose.  She's got the goods and more importantly, felt totally comfortable to do something like this and as she said herself, "All natural looking shots no spread eagle; yuck! I had to be crazy and just do it! Hope you all agree. It was so liberating!"  This was a career move which, like a lot of things she has done this year and last, received a lot of controversy and many articles written about it.  However, most perspectives, including that of the fans, were positive and even more intrigued by Ford.  Willa did a lot of radio interviews to promote this, such as 99 FM which I posted in the Free Audio Section.

Playboy.com - Willa Ford - Willa Ford Pics - Willa Ford Nude - Willa Ford Playboy

Willa Ford See Willa Ford nude in the March 2006 issue of Playboy magazine, and in the Playboy Cyber Club!

Click to enlarge

Lingerie Bowl: On Sunday-February 5, 2006 Willa participated in the third annual Lingerie Bowl III, playing quarterback for Dallas Desire.  Willa promoted the show and she was promoted being in it, a visa-versa thing, and participated in such radio programs as Mancow.  She was featured on FSN, ESPN Hollywood, Late Night With Carson Daly, pay-perview, and so forth. 

Click to enlarge

Willa Ford: Queen of Desire

Dallas QB disses Mick Jagger, slams opposing Lingerie Bowl teams, says she may be the Ultimate Catfighter

Jan. 26, 2006

By Michael Halford
BodogNation Contributing Writer

The World of Willa is a wild, wonderful place.

How else can you explain the phenomenon that is Willa Ford? From the onset of her career, the self-proclaimed "Bad Girl of Pop" has been everywhere and anywhere - from appearing on the double-platinum selling Pokemon soundtrack to hosting Spike TV's reality smash hit The Ultimate Fighter, Ford has gained international success in all avenues of her career. And on Feb. 5 at the L.A. Coliseum, Ford will be making her scantily clad football debut in the Bodog.com Lingerie Bowl III.

Ford's Drive to Success:

  • Ranked No. 60 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002)
  • Formerly linked to Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, and Dallas Stars center Mike Modano
  • Will be featured in the March 2006 edition of Playboy
  • QB for the Dallas Desire of the Lingerie Football League

More Bodog.com Lingerie Bowl III Coverage:

After her stint as host of The Ultimate Fighter in 2005, Ford earned a spot as the "guest doll" in The Pussycat Dolls, a burlesque dance group based out of Los Angeles, and Ceaser's Palace in Las Vegas. Often fronted by Carmen Electra, the Dolls have gained much acclaim for their stage show and recording prowess, as well as their celebrity invites - other guest dolls have included Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, Gwen Stefani and Pamela Anderson.

Hmmm...let's see. Burlesque dancer, Bodog.com Lingerie Bowl QB, international recording star and Playboy model. Yup, it sounds like Willa Ford fits the BodogNation criteria for a must-have interview. We caught up with the Ruskin, Fla., native for a little Q&A action.

BodogNation: You were born and raised in the football-mad state of Florida. Now, you're quarterbacking a team based in the heart of Texas. How big of a football fan are you?

Willa Ford: Growing up I was always around the boys playing in the backyard and watching it on TV, but I was never allowed to join. I was always competitive, though - and this was such a unique opportunity to show those boys they should have let me play.

BN: Last year's Lingerie Bowl finished with a 6-0 scoreline. Can we expect you to lead a more high-scoring attack with the Desire this year?

WF: All I am going to say is that I don't do anything half-assed, therefore neither does my team. As far as how we will play...you will have to watch to see.

BN:Why should we be watching the Bodog.com Lingerie Bowl III?

WF: Because I don't think Mick Jagger could pull off this lingerie! Oh, and did I mention my teammates are smoking hot? Not to mention you may be surprised this year by the level of play...hint, hint.

BN: You hosted the reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter. Did the show teach you anything about taking a hit, or standing your ground in the pocket to make a play?

WF: It is all a matter of your mind set - and I am not afraid to get hit. I'm actually looking forward to it.

BN: What are some of your most memorable, or favorite, Super Bowl memories?

WF: Running through the streets - just a little tipsy - while celebrating my hometown Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2002 Super Bowl victory.

BN: Who is your favorite NFL player?

WF: Chris Hovan, No. 95 for the Bucs, because he is a madman on the field and also because he's married to one of my best friends, Jaimi.

BN: The Bodog Girls have been gaining widespread recognition in recent months. How would Team Bodog do in the Lingerie League?

WF: They are smoking - but if they want to take on my girls, I say good luck! Physically, we are probably the smallest team, but be ready for the element of surprise from the Dallas Desire girls. We aren't (expletive) around!

BN: You're the self-proclaimed "Bad Girl of Pop". Lingerie Football League commissioner Dennis Rodman was widely regarded as the definitive bad boy of the NBA. Have you two had a chance to exchange pleasantries?

WF: We haven't had the chance to meet yet, but I'm sure he lives up to the hype!

BN: What would constitute a "wardrobe malfunction" at the Lingerie Bowl?

WF: I suppose with all the tackling somebody's top popping off or somebody's bottoms being dragged while being tackled! My girls know the show must go on and to make the play under any circumstances. They'll take one for the team!

PHOTO: Willa Ford's cover for her single "A Toast to Men" hit the right note with fans (BodogNation file photo).

* Note * WillaMania.com, WillaFord.org, newtempations.WillaFord.org, http://hauntedwish.tripod.com/index.html, http://nastified.fr-bb.com/index.htm and my other Willa site--http://www.xanga.com/WillaFord411/ are other amazing Willa sites that allowed me to use several photos from their sites.  So please visit their amazing sites that they worked hard on creating dedicated to the amazing bad girl supertar--Willa Ford!

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